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Parametric and computational design tool for Blender

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On this page you can download or buy the paper version of “Learning Sverchok – Parametric and computational design tool for Blender”. It’s a free ebook were you will get all the basic knowledge necessary to become a Sverchok master.

Why this book

This short book is born with the intent of providing people a solid understanding of the basic knowledge necessary to use proficiently Sverchok, Blender’s node-based parametric design add-on.
Parametric design is getting more and more popular, yet most of the tools dedicated to this field are part of highly priced software packages like Rhino/Grasshopper. Sverchok offers a valid alternative for students, small businesses and hobbyists that are interested in this fascinating field. The fact that Sverchok comes as an add-on to Blender, with direct access to all its powerful Python API makes things even more exciting. At the end of the read you will have what it takes to start exploring Sverchok independently and to start using it to realize your amazing ideas.

Book structure

The book provides with all the knowledge necessary to use Sverchok with a solid grounding and without incurring into too many frustrations. That’s why, after setting up the environment in Blender (chapter 1 – “Setting up the environment”-), in the chapter 2 – “Sverchok basics” – we explain in detail the data structures of Sverchok before moving our first steps into the add-on. Chapter 3 – “Problem setting and solving in computational design” – discusses from a theoretical and a practical standpoint how you should face the solution of a computational design problem. After having built this solid grounding, in chapter 4 – “Monads and presets” – we discover two useful features of Sverchok. Chapter 5 – “Matrices” – and 6 – “Logic” – address two slightly more complex topics that nevertheless are crucial in our context. Finally, chapter 7 – “Intro to Python components” – provides a brief overview of how you can boost your Sverchok potential using Python.

About me

My name is Alberto Maria Giachino, I have a master degree in Urban Planning from the Politecnico di Torino. After my graduation I discovered a passion for programming and now I am working in this field as one of the developers of Voxelizer, a slicer for FDM and DLP 3D printers. These interests of mine for coding, digital fabrication, forms and design led me first to start the Creative Coding meetup in the city of Wrocław, where I am based, and then to start my blog Code Plastic where I talk about all these topics. In the meantime I discovered Blender and Sverchok, that I keep learning and exploring.

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How about the smooth feeling of paper? 🙂 You can now buy the paper version of the book from Amazon.

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Learning Sverchok – Parametric and computational design tool for Blender by Alberto Maria Giachino is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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