Spinner generator with Sverchok by Nikitron

Use Sverchok to generate spinners

Sverchok spinner generator


Today we will look at the spinner generator created by Nikitron (Никита Городецкий), the creator of Sverchok, that shared the file on GitHub.

It is really fun to play with it and it produces great results. It is also quite complex, so we won’t go in the details of the implementation and we will rather focus on how to use it, keeping in mind the goal of 3D printing the spinners. Here you can download the .blend file.

spinner generator

As you can see there is quite a lot going on but we will need to focus only on few things.

If you want to make a spinner you will need to get a ball bearing and check its dimensions. According to them, you might need to modify the spline formula. I changed mine to this:

# Spline 0
M -0.10,(c+d+1.1) 
C (0.3-b),(c+d+1.1) (1.3-b),(c+d+1.3) (-b),(c+d+1.2) 20 0 
L (-b),(c+d+1.2) (-0.10-b),(c+d+0.1) (-0.10-b),(c+d) (-0.1-a),(c+d) (-0.1-a),d (-a),(d) (-a),(0.0)


Then you will set the inputs, starting from out ball bearing radius, in ball bearing radius and heightening, also these depending on your ball bearing.

Spinner generator inputs

And finally you can play with other parameters until you find the shape that you like 😉

spinner generator gallery

If you want to 3D print the spinner you have to make the spinner manifold by joining (CTRL + J) Epsilon_0 and Zeta_0. Now we can export the three pieces to STL and import them in our slicer (we will use Voxelizer). Depending on the dimensions, you might need a little bit of printing support.

spinner generator voxelizer

Now just print the spinners, mount them and have fun 😉 And how about use these shapes as necklaces?

Thanks Nikitron!


Sverchok spinner generator

Sverchok spinner generator

Sverchok spinner generator


wall panel cnc file

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