Parametric panels with Sverchok (2) – Interference patterns


This is a small addendum to our previous post Parametric panels with Sverchok (1). What we will do is to create a new monad for our parametric panels generator based on oscillators. The idea came from this Entagma post which in turn took it from the artist Loris Cecchini.

The goal is to create interference patterns by using the distance between the plane’s vertices and one or more defined points as the input for a sine function (or others that you want to define).

By reusing some of the nodes from the previous post we can achieve this quickly:

We can now use a List input node to provide the oscillators that we want, just remember to split the output of the node in order to make it befit to the list format required by the Distance node inside the monad.

Try to combine the new monad with other ones. Here is an example with a rotation matrix:

Sverchok panels

There are countless possibilities, try it and share your results!

Interference patterns 1

Interference patterns 2 Interference patterns 3


wall panel cnc file

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